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It is the dream that has me and
which pulls me toward my destiny.
Life is but a dream. It lies there just beyond the veil of every day,
waiting for us to claim it and to dance in its magical light.


Latest Books


Newest Arrival: Children's Literature

Amelina's Dad Goes to Heaven

Amelina is a talented young girl who loves watching and studying the planets and their protecting moons in the sky. She lives with her parents and little brother. One day something terrible happens, and Amelina loses her father and must navigate the stars and emotions to find healing for herself and the rest of her family. Amelina finds some help from a magical fairy named Archer Gooseberry and learns that her daddy is her moon and is always with her.

Available in Paperback and Kindle


Self Help

WISE GALS: Sisterly Advice & Self Help

Ever since my sister and I were little children, we have loved writing and sharing life’s lessons with each other. This book is a project that she and I have wanted to share with the world for quite some time. We hope that you will benefit from it as much as we have. Wise Gals: Sisterly Advice & Self Help is for anyone who enjoys uplifting messages and advice on relationships, health, personal growth, success, and empowerment. Our decisions and thoughts have a direct impact on our lives, interactions, overall well-being, and future. We wish you a reflective and productive journey!

Available in Paperback


Children's Literature

The Boy Who Brought Light

There once was a boy named Noor who lived in a world that was dark and the people who lived there knew of no other light except for the distant stars. One night one of the stars fell down from the sky. Noor finds that star and with the help of a gift from his grandfather, Noor will bring the light to all those who wait in darkness.

Available in Paperback, Audio Book and Kindle


Self Help

Compassion Fatigue Guided Journal
for Health Professionals

Compassion fatigue, also referred to as secondary traumatic stress, is an occupational hazard. When we care for our sick patients who are going through what could be one of the hardest times of their lives, we become exposed. As a result of this exposure day in and day out, we can become affected on so many levels, mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, we can equip ourselves from the backlash of this phenomenon.

Creating a culture of self-care is crucial for our own well-being and survival. We have significant parts within ourselves and within our lives that contribute to the creation of a healthy and well-balanced being. We need to tend to those areas and to sow seeds of love, care, personal time, healing, and reflection into each area on a daily basis.

This Compassion Fatigue Guided Journal for Health Professionals is for anyone who works with patients or clients who suffer from illnesses or tragedies. This journal was created to bring back balance into the lives of caregivers with newfound perspectives and practices that will restore health holistically.

Available in Paperback


Self Help

A Guided Journal for Your Soul's Purpose

We all have a sacred internal compass that is essentially our soul. This compass is unique to us and has our life’s purpose located within it; we only have to look inward to see where it wants to direct us. We have to be able to hear, to feel, and to see its navigation. When we can do just that, we become empowered and become more of whom we are meant to be.

A Guided Journal for Your Soul’s Purpose will be used to help shape and transform your mind because without transforming your mind, you cannot change your life. Your mind must be renewed on the things that
re-create your life into the life you want, not the life others want for you.
I have chosen and highlighted multiple characteristics and essential qualities in this guided journal that will help to define and to shape your thoughts, your mind, and, eventually, your life.

I wish you a reflective and productive journey!

Available in Paperback

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