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Sacred Healing

I sat down with her face to face. It is a moment I cannot erase. She looked sad, upset and she wanted to say that she is tired, hurt and that she doesn’t feel safe. I read her mind, her thoughts, and felt her emotions. It is because I was once in her place many times over. I created a safe space for her in my mind, heart, and soul-slowly she opened up to express the anguish that she wanted to let go. I let her know that she was safe with me. I wanted her to feel secure, loved and free. As she continued to speak I looked into her eyes and held her hand and we created a moment that was beyond the one we shared. It was a sacred moment in time and space- with a precious moment of hope and grace. It was transpersonal, authentic and biogenic. I know that it will be one that we both will cherish.

Mona Elshazly-Giraud

July 2, 2021

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