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As medical professionals, we work in an emotionally charged profession where we witness suffering, pain and loss in our patients that we care for and often don’t just witness their experiences but we go through the experiences with them. This eventually causes unresolved and unaddressed painful emotions and mental anguish, which can cause something called compassion fatigue.

Compassion fatigue is also known as secondary traumatic stress and is the result of absorbing the emotions and experiences of patients that have suffered and or are suffering from illness, addiction, violence, or other tragedies.

In this compassion fatigue hypnosis treatment, I will clear and cleanse your chakras through guided imagery to help restore and revitalize your energy field. I will use suggestions to help give you a healthier perspective on patient care through the practice of authentic consciousness which will bring you more awareness and control over your mind and body that will then effect your environment.

Hypnosis is an excellent source of releasing the pent up, blocked energy and emotions that might have been caused by caring for traumatized patients or clients. It also reprograms the subconscious, which is the main driving force in our waking hours, to have a healthier and resilient perspective, enabling and empowering you to care for others giving you the tools to care without absorbing the energy and emotion of those you care for.

By acknowledging that you may have compassion fatigue simply assures that you are a profoundly compassionate individual. On your self-healing path, you will find that is possible to practice healthy continual self-care while caring for others. Hypnosis therapy is one of those self-care treatments, which can bring holistic healing and restored health into your mind, body and soul.

Compassion Fatigue Hypnosis Treatment

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